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Our doctors are available 24-7


An Ideal Environment for the Practice of Medicine

MCCI utilizes a variety of models in delivering patient care for specific methods of physician practice and community needs. Our goal is always to provide an ideal environment for the practice of medicine. Our models include:

Wholly Owned Medical Centers & Practices

Combined resources and staff put more tools at the use of our doctors, maximizing services and output.

Independent Physician Associations

Optimize healthcare delivery by efficient administration and minimizing risk.


MCCI employs and manages over 100 Primary Care Physicians and 200 Affiliated Specialists. Our physicians are established and respected in their communities. Our commitment is to provide medical excellence, centered around our experienced physicians.

MCCI conducts administrative aspects of clinical operations and staffing for our physicians. MCCI provides additional services at their disposal by pooling resources. In all cases, our doctors focus on practicing medicine and are trusted to make decisions they see as necessary.


MCCI currently has locations throughout the United States:


Career OpportunitiesWe are constantly looking to expand our talented team. You offer unique experiences and skills that you can put into motion at MCCI and as a member of your community. Please browse our available employment positions and let us know if you believe you are the right match.

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Founded by Physicians

Founded by Physicians

MCCI was founded by physicians. We analyzed our ways of operating and found ways to improve them. We firmly believe that a strong patient-doctor relationship is the essence of proper medical care.




At MCCI, we stick together as a family. We foster a respectful, positive environment, and we believe that goes a long way. That's why MCCI patients and physicians stay with us for so many years.

Patient Care

We believe that when our doctors arrive in the morning, their sole priority should be the care of their patients. We go through great lengths to make sure they are properly staffed and geared up with the most modern equipment.