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Who we are

Group of MCCI physicians

We are Physicians

MCCI is a physician group that has expanded over the years from our origin as practicing physicians. We analyzed our ways of doing things and found ways to improve them. It has increased our attention to our patients, and has thereby improved our product and goal—our patients health. We have applied this model and have successfully grown to a group including over 100 Primary Care Physicians and 200 Affiliated Specialists.


We believe that being an effective community healthcare center requires being a vital part of the community. We welcome and ensure the comfort of our patients. We want you to always feel at home.

We are founded, owned, and operated by physicians, and take great pride in creating an environment for our experienced physicians to practice the best medicine available. We integrate ideas from the medical field in order to formulate precise, effective, patient-specific courses of treatment.


Founded by physicians in 1998, MCCI Group created a unique style of medical care in the South Florida community that expanded to other locations throughout Florida and the United States. Our objective was to eliminate the distance between our patients and their physicians. We created an environment where we, as physicians, can focus on the reason we became doctors: caring for people.

Over the last twenty-one years MCCI has been providing the most complete and personal healthcare available. MCCI is a full-service healthcare provider, offering access to all treatment needs, from diagnostic testing to physician specialists.

MCCI immediately gained the trust and confidence of the region’s patients. Fueled by the community’s faith in our ability to provide convenient, high quality care, MCCI quickly became a leader in providing medical management services for managed care organizations.


Our mission is to provide people in the communities we serve with high quality medical care by our doctors that are committed to patient’s well-being as a true vocation. We strive to prevent the onset of illness through programs that provide the latest medical knowledge. At our centers, we created medical and administrative teams, people who dedicate their careers to the benefit and service of our patients.

To fulfill our mission, we foster an environment that encourages innovation, embraces diversity, respects life and values human dignity.


SERVICE: We are committed to providing medical services of the highest quality, with the respect and responsiveness that all people expect and deserve.

EXCELLENCE: We strive to instill in all our doctors and staff a passion for excellence that results in the best quality of care and service.

INTEGRITY: We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards of the medical profession.

COMPASSION: Beyond respect, we choose to be sensitive to the welfare of others and dedicate ourselves to the alleviation of human suffering. We pledge to remain aware of the changing needs of those we serve, and to commit both human resources to future efforts that will continue our tradition of service, compassion and excellence.


As a group founded by Physicians and believing in God’s presence in our work, we strive to become the most trustworthy, compassionate physicians’s group providing the highest quality medical care for people in our community. We are committed to excellence in patient care and health education, demonstrating this belief to our patients, families, and employees.

We strive to be the best we can—by looking through our patient’s eyes.

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MCCI Medical Group operates through medical centers and medical offices throughout Florida (Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, Jacksonville), Texas (San Antonio, Corpus Christi and El Paso), and Georgia (Atlanta). From the moment of our inception, our commitment has been to the well-being of the residents of our communities. We have undergone rapid expansion, and now have over 44 community Medical Centers and over 500 affiliated primary care physicians to better serve the healthcare needs of our patients.


We've found our best results for providing medical care by keeping things simple for our patients. A few extra efforts we have taken make things a lot easier for our patients. We take measures to keep them informed, and make what we prescribe or request from them within easy reach. We provide the best medicine and technology available to secure timely, accurate results.